Land Use And Real Estate Practice

We handle all aspects and details relating to land use and development applications.

Land use and real estate matters can quickly become complicated. Depending on the scope of the project, the legal issues can at times appear to the client to be overwhelming and endless. Our experienced lawyers in Land Use and Real Estate can provide clear, concise and timely advice and guidance to move the client to the best possible outcome.

At Zeller & Wieliczko, LLP, our practice includes all aspects and details relating to land use and development applications before local planning and zoning boards. The Firm currently serves as solicitor to numerous planning boards, joint land use boards and zoning boards. We also represent Applicants of all types before planning, zoning and joint land use boards.

The attorneys in our real estate and land use practice group also represent local and regional developers and individuals in buying, selling, land use planning, developing and constructing a wide range of commercial and residential projects. These include residential subdivisions, apartments, condominium complexes and homeowners association. The Firm also represents individuals and for-profit and not-for-profit corporations, partnerships and limited liability companies in land use and real estate sales, purchases, applications and redevelopment.

With an office in Cherry Hill, we can represent clients throughout the state. Schedule a consultation by calling 856-375-1650 or emailing the Firm.