Admiralty and Maritime Practice

Zeller & Wieliczko, LLP, was founded in 1974 and maintains an experienced and knowledgeable staff of lawyers, paralegals and other personnel.

Admiralty And Maritime Practice
Our attorneys have represented clients in various aspects of maritime law, including maritime liens, arrests and attachments, inland transportation, charter party disputes, casualty, and cargo losses and damage. Our lawyers are equipped to assist clients in working with experts, surveyors and engineers to address their clients’ needs, issues and, at times, emergent crises.

Environmental Law Practice
Mr. Wieliczko and his staff have experience in representing both municipal and private entities in environmental matters, including, but not limited to, landfill and underground storage tank litigation and drainage/stormwater runoff disputes. The Firm has represented in the past small municipalities and large cities in landfill litigation, including the BEMS, Kramer and GEMS landfills located in New Jersey. In addition, Mr. Wieliczko has represented a local city with regard to environmental conditions and concerns at its airport and successfully negotiated a favorable resolution. The Firm has also represented private insurers and their insured in storage tank litigation matters.

Zeller & Wieliczko, LLP, can be reached by phone at 856-375-1650 or email.